02| The 4 Keys to Success (Guest Starring Chloe Pi)

Chloe shares unique insights and tools from being an integral part of New York City’s fastest growing company, Ro, securing $91 Million USD in investment. Charlotte and Chloe also explore what success truly means, and they expand on the 4 Keys to achieving it.

Chloe is a social architect. She’s driven to learn how people work, and craft environments that enable individuals to build ambitious projects and dream bigger dreams. She is currently a senior technical program manager at Ro. Ro is an innovative end-to-end healthcare company that offers accessible, affordable and personalized treatments. Chloe leads the engineering team that builds Ro platform initiatives such as new vertical launches and products. On her free time, Chloe likes to engage in political theory discussions, and cook dinner for her wife and hamster child.

Music produced by VitalSignzEnt.
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Ford4D.

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