11| IG LIVE | How to Make it in the Photo Industry (Guest Starring AB+DM Studio)

Photography Duo Ahmad Barber and Donté Maurice share their creative inspirations and break down their unique behind the scenes process before a big shoot. The creative powerhouse also shoutout and recognize fashion stylist  Law Roach for giving them their first big break, shooting Zendaya for Instyle Magazine, explaining how they gained his trust and developed that initial connection. 

10| IG LIVE | Taking your Creative Career to the Next Level (Guest Starring le’Roy Benros)

From college dropout to VP of A&R at First Access Entertainment — creative entrepreneur and music manager le’Roy Benros breaks down how he positioned himself for growth and success throughout his career, sharing the advice he would give to his younger self.

08| IG LIVE | Art As Activism (Guest Starring Elijah Dominique)

In the wake of George Floyd’s murder, Harlem-based Photographer Elijah Dominique speaks with our host Charlotte Sclapari about how he uses Art as Activism. The two also discuss concrete ways to support and amplify the work of organizers working to dismantle institutionalized racism.

07| IG LIVE | Becoming A Creative Entrepreneur (Guest Starring Mitchell Ren)

Mitchell Ren, Founder of NY-based clothing brand Way With Words, breaks down how he made the switch from working in Finance to Advertising in order to move closer to his dreams. Mitchell also takes the time to explain how to leverage skills and connections from your 9 to 5 to fuel your side hustle and eventually make it your full time job

06| IG LIVE | Staying Creative during the NY Quarantine (Guest Starring Age & Jihad)

In our fist Quarantine Live from NY — we catch up with Age and Jihad to discuss staying creative while in confinement, pivoting your business to thrive in our New Normal, self care tips, tiktok dances and how to score an influencer deal.

05| The NY Hustle (Guest Starring Age & Jihad)

Age Humphrey and Jihad Harkeem of Clyde and Clyde break down their NY hustle, sharing tips on how to stay motivated and keep up your momentum.

The creative duo explain how they scored Into the Gloss and Backdrop campaigns, as well as co-founding Good Looks Club, an online destination for men’s health and wellness.

Recorded, Mixed, & Mastered by Ford4D.

04| How to Elevate Your Creative Career (Guest Starring Shomi Patwary)

Award-winning Music Video and Commercial Director Shomi Patwary shares concrete steps to go from a room in your parents’ house to owning 6 homes — all from fulfilling your creative calling. Punom Patwary, in her first ever public interview, shares unique insight into the power couple’s day-to-day and just how she keeps Shomi’s productions on track as his Executive Producer.

Some of the duo’s clients include music industry giants Beyoncé, A$AP Rocky, A$AP FERG, Diplo, Belly, The Weeknd, Major Lazer, Mark Ronson, Jaden Smith, Migos, Pusha T and the Wu-Tang Clan.

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03| The Power of Collaboration (Guest Starring Renée George)

Charlotte and Renée discuss the power of collaborating and asking for help, as well as how to best overcome obstacles in production and in life.

Renée is an in-house content producer at Mad Decent, a record label founded by Grammy award-winning DJ and record producer Diplo. Prior to her time at Mad Decent, Renée founded Kismet Collective – a boutique content production agency. She was also the managing editor at Live FAST Magazine and LA Canvas after getting her start as an integral part of Smashbox Studios’ marketing team.

Music produced by VitalSignzEnt.
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02| The 4 Keys to Success (Guest Starring Chloe Pi)

Chloe shares unique insights and tools from being an integral part of New York City’s fastest growing company, Ro, securing $91 Million USD in investment. Charlotte and Chloe also explore what success truly means, and they expand on the 4 Keys to achieving it.

Chloe is a social architect. She’s driven to learn how people work, and craft environments that enable individuals to build ambitious projects and dream bigger dreams. She is currently a senior technical program manager at Ro. Ro is an innovative end-to-end healthcare company that offers accessible, affordable and personalized treatments. Chloe leads the engineering team that builds Ro platform initiatives such as new vertical launches and products. On her free time, Chloe likes to engage in political theory discussions, and cook dinner for her wife and hamster child.

Music produced by VitalSignzEnt.
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01| Bow To The Wall (Guest Staring Ashima Aiyer)

Charlotte and Ashima discuss strategies for dealing with the stresses of freelancing, embracing uncertainty and repurposing failure.

Originally from India, Ashima Aiyer is a filmmaker and creative director based in New York City. Her work as a creative is inspired by emotional storytelling, particularly in music, martial arts and the human experience. Her recent projects include creative directing For the Children, a documentary about Wu Tang Clan’s seminal work 36 Chambers, and directing her first feature centered around the life of a Muay Thai fighter in Thailand.

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